HOT DOCS 2012 !

“Espoir Voyage” is selected at the next Canadian International Documentary Festival at Toronto

You can buy screenings tickets on their website

Screenings at the HOT DOCS :
05.02.2012 – 06:30 PM / TBLB3
05.03.2012 – 04:00 PM / TBLB3
05.06.2012 – 03:15 PM / TBLB3
19.02.12 16:30  Delphi-Filmpalast EN


« Espoir-Voyage » is selected next Cinéma du Réel Film Festival (International Festival of Documentary Films) in Paris. Michel K. Zongo, Burkinabé director and producer Christian Lelong, French producer, will be in Paris from March 22 to April 3, 2012 to present the film and talk with the audience.

Horraire des projections :
Sunday, March 25th at 15:00 in Cinema 1, followed by a discussion session with the audience in the small forum

Monday, March 26th at 18:00, followed by a discussion session with the audience in the Small Hall

Friday, March 30 at 14h00 at the Centre Wallonie, Bruxelles

Outside the Walls: Tuesday, March 27 at 16h in St Denis at Cinema Screen

Thursday, March 29 at 18:30 Debate Scam small room


“Espoir Voyage” is selected at the next Berlinale (Forum). Great news for the French and Burkinabe team  working on this film since 2009!
The Director Michel K. Zongo from Burkina-Faso and the French Producer Christian Lelong, are attending the festival from February 10 to 14 to present the film and distribute it widely in the world.

Screenings at the Berlinale :
10.02.12 18:00  Arsenal  EN
11.02.12 15:00  Cubix 7  EN
13.02.12 22:30  CinemaxX4  EN
14.02.12 13:30  CinemaxX6 (press screening) EN
19.02.12 16:30  Delphi-Filmpalast  EN