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In Burkina Faso, the young people emigration towards Ivory Coast is like a ritual, a passage to the state of adult… But usually, the rule is to leave to come back.

In this adventure, many of them never come back, for various reasons hard to understand by those who stayed.

Joanny, my older brother, suddenly left our family one morning of 1978.
After 18 years of absence, as we were still without news from him, one of our cousin who just came back from Ivory Coast, told us Joanny died. To try to understand what drives my Brother to leave at 14, I make the same travel from Koudougou (Burkina Faso) to Ivory Coast, looking for his traces and his history.

In this documentary, I make the same travel, with the same bus, on the same road than those who emigrate, as my Brother {;} did 32 years ago.

With this travel I collect words from those who are still leaving Burkina Faso and those who had already left ; they speak about breaking off, departure and Emigration.

How many people hope that one day a familiar who left for years will come back ?
How many people did not believe in the death of a familiar for having almost no news about him?
Who are these young emigrated people who are still leaving their country to go to Ivory Coast, looking for happiness, without knowing what will happen on the other side and when they will come back ?

The movie is founded on my own travel, looking for the story of my brother, his motivations, his doubts and his wandering. These questions will cross the film from the beginning to the end.

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