Press kit [English version]

Press kit [French version]


Article from Alexander Macbeth, on BBC Focus on Africa Magazine (April-June 2012)

Radio chronicle from Hortense Volle in “L’Afrique enchantée” on France Inter
Article from Siegfried Forster for RFI
Article from Raphaël Lopoukhine, on the blog
Article on the blog
Article from Olivier Barlet, on the blog
Article from Chester, on the blog The Mic Movment
Article from Christian Petzold, on the blog
Article from Jean-Michel Frodon on the blog Projection Publique de
Article from Tambay  on the blog
Article fromThéo Ribeton on
Article fromGabriel Kambou on
Article from Antoine Akoandambousur on the blog
Article from le Dé
Article from Gabriel Kambou on

Article from Audrey Parmentier on the blog

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